Sunday, August 16, 2009

Pesticide On Astroturf

(Picture poached from here)
After I posted this, one thing about this picture stuck with me. No, it wasn't that is an obvious photoshop, rather, it's the young girl standing just to the left of the guy in the middle. Her sign reads:
Oh Im Sorry We Thought Reading The Bill Was Ur Job

Beyond the fact that she appears to be too young to be at the rally on her own, and beyond the fact that she is too stupid to even know how to spell "your" (which, if you've ever read a comment in any forum by anybody opposing "Obamacare, seems to be a common trait), is the fact that these people are protesting a bill they haven't even fucking read. How do they know it's bad if they haven't read it?
You can't tell me that these people are acting independently to protest something they haven't read. It's clear that they have been misinformed by someone, and are acting on that misinformation.


Frederick said...

I haven't read the bill, but I don't need to to know it's unacceptable... there is definitely no single payer style program involved, and even the half measure of a public option is being declared dead by Democratic Senators.

All you have left is a mandate to purchase insurance and a provision barring withholding coverage for preexisting conditions.

Tom Harper said...

We had one of those FreedomWorks-inspired "demonstrations" here a few days ago. I thought about making my own signs with misspelled words and bad grammar and joining in. Maybe next time...