Monday, August 10, 2009

Death Panels In Full Effect

Exhibiting all the qualities that make a perfect candidate for the corpocracy, like our previous three presidents, infallible to the faithful, irksome and irritating to the opposition, Sarah Palin claimed President Obama's new health plan includes "death panels". Instead of calling her a crazy bitch, or a silly cunt, defending Palin's statements is Newt Gingrich, not because he wants to hit that, she's much too vintage for a guy who likes to trade in on a newer model every decade or so, but because he's likely angling for a Cheney-like position as her VP when she wins the GOP nomination.
You could say that Republicans have raised fear mongering to an art form. Give them any sensible issue (gay marriage, health care, black president, etc) and they'll manufacture a big lie to scare the bejeezus out of voters too dumb and too lazy to get off their asses and actually read anything, much less a proposal that may determine their future.It doesn't matter how many websites Obama sets up , these are people who only use the internet to forward Christianazi talking points and email racist jokes to each other.
Gingrich says he doesn't think "that the government is to be trusted ... You are asking us to trust turning power over to the government....when there are clearly people in American who believe in ......selective standards."
Like Newt Gingrich. He has a problem with death panels putting elderly people to death because keeping them alive is a costly nuisance, but doesn't have a problem putting brown skinned people to death because their living on the ground above a wealth of natural resources important to keeping the white man in charge is a nuisance. Almost everyday, in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now even Pakistan, the US military is killing people to ensure that oil keeps flowing like dollars into the coffers of Gingrich's many think tanks. And Gingrich raises his concerns not a whit, because it isn't about doing the right thing to him, it's about doing the Right Wing thing, which ensures he'll never have to worry about getting a real job, or, as a former member of Congress, he'll never have to worry about being denied health insurance.


Frogette said...

I say we pull Congress' health care until they decide to provide it to everyone. That will motivate these buggers.

Tom Harper said...

You mean those Death Panels aren't for real? Whew! I was scared. I got an e-mail from this folksy group of regular guys -- FreedomWorks I think their group is called. They said everybody over 60 will be murdered by government bureaucrats if we don't stop Obama's government takeover of our health care. They even supplied me with a list of phrases and slogans to yell out at the next town hall meeting.

They weren't lying, were they?

Snave said...

Newt is such a tool.

Hey, why diss something that seems to be helping your party gain some traction againts the opposition... even when you know the person saying or doing it is batshit insane? Or even when you know that what the other guy is inciting people to do could result in violence?

They won't call people like Palin out, and they won't criticize her. They have to suck up to her and her ilk, because sadly, there is enough of a following there that in their current sad state they can ill afford to alienate anyone.

So, anything goes! And whatever Newt perceives as the wave to ride to power, that's the route he will go because that's all the sicko cares about... himself, and achieving more power for himself.

libhom said...

Gingrich is one of the most sinister figures in American history. I'll never forget his Contract On America.