Friday, May 01, 2009

Wha' Happened?

Ah, for last year, during the primaries, when the most important issue facing the United States was how to properly display your patriotism by wearing flag lapel pins. Love of America outweighed every issue, from dealing with the impending mortgage crisis, reining in gas prices, or formulating a safe and sane exit strategy from Iraq. And no one loved America, or so they claimed, than the Republican party.
Now, it's a different story. Almost half of Georgia Republicans would like to secede from the nation. Kind of hard to love that flag when you're no longer part of it, isn't it folks?
So, are they all sore losers? Do they think that John McCain has a better handle on things and he and Sarah Palin would have done a better job of dealing with the steaming shitpile that the previous administration dumped on Obama's doorstep? Have they become the America hating terrorists they feared not too long ago? Has not their God equipped them with the strength of character and courage to deal with tumultuous times?
Naw, they're all just a bunch of pussies who can't take the heat. Any one from the left who would have suggested secession during the Bush/Cheney regime would have been rounded up and hung as a traitor. I say we give all these wusses their own state (like Mississippi) and be done with them.

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Tom Harper said...

If those America-hating rebels are allowed to secede, they'll have to be consistent by not begging for handouts from that federal government they hate. As soon as they're hit by their next hurricane or other natural disaster, they'll start wailing and groveling for help from that wicked socialist president.