Saturday, May 16, 2009

Held Up Without A Gun

You see them all over. On television, radio, billboards, even right here at this blog, ads offering you cash for your gold. And many people are willing to do this, selling many pieces of scrap or old jewelry for dollars, but I wonder, is this because they need the money? Do they not realize that their gold will retain it's value while those dollar values are falling?
The American people are being robbed, but are so unaware of it, they don't realize it. Many of them refinanced their homes when the housing bubble was still going, but housing prices have fallen 17%, which means that if you did a refinance, you just had 17% of your homes value stolen right out of it while you were sitting on your ass watching TV. Remember Bush's "ownership society"? The plan was to tie every American down to a mortgage while those same mortgages were bundled up with bad mortgages, used for leverage by banksters to steal more money from the system in bonuses and other payout schemes.
So now, with the approaching inevitable inflation, instead of holding on to something of value, Americans are willing to accept scrap gold prices instead of market prices for the gold they possess. But why? So they can fill up their gas tanks? Take a vacation? Pay off bills? Are they just victims of economic conditions created by the corpocracy who are going to squeeze every last dime out of the citizenry before they pack up the show and take it on the road to China?


Snave said...

It's an onus-ship society, more like.

Renegade Eye said...

There is no going back to the days when the dollar was "good as gold." That was before the US became a debtor nation, and held 2/3 of the gold supply.

Dusty said...

About that inflation..Obama and his minions have already told Social Security Disability recipients like me that we won't be getting a cost of living increase for the next two years because THEY think there will not BE any inflation..fuckers.

Blogger said...

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