Monday, May 25, 2009

Change Means Changing Your Position After You've Been Elected On An Agenda Different From The Corpocratic One

AS you spend this Memorial Day celebrating your freedom by searing the flesh of a dead animal that was manufactured by a corporation to eventually end up on an assemblage of amassed dung, you, like that animal you consume have no choice. Hundreds of thousands of your fellow Americans have died, not for your freedom, but for the freedom of our leaders to decide whether you shall remain free, or end up in indefinite detention. Yes. like The Deciderer before him, President Obama has, perhaps more eloquently, claimed special rights for him not afforded him by the constitution.
How much different is President Obama from his predecessor when he sets up a timetable with Iran for talks before sanctions are applied when Iran has yet to be found to be developing nuclear weapons?
How fee are we really when the FBI can indentify a disparate group of men that share the majority of the country’s opinion that the war on terror was wrong, radicalize them, offer them cash incentives for following the lead of the FBI informant and then finally, after a year, get them to accept fake weapons?
No, until you realize that the only freedom you really have is the choice between blindly following these assclowns, or pretending they are as irrelevant as they would be in any given free society, you will be a slave to their political whims.

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Kvatch said...

Once again Obama is proving that the new boss is not that much different than the old boss.