Sunday, February 22, 2009

They Take Everything You Have And Yet You're The Traitor

It's officially over. The shining city on the hill has become the shining gated community in the lower tax suburbs. The rest of us? We're left to defend ourselves from the avatars of avarice who constantly demand more work, time and money from us while giving us less and less in return.
How did they do it? The poor have always wanted to be working class, the working class have always wanted to be middle class, and everybody wants to be rich. We've seen it on TV, force fed frolicking filthy rich fornicators on television for years, we all dreamed of the day when we won the wheel of fortune, that's how they sell lottery tickets and casino junkets.
Sorry folks, but the easy money you secretly wish for every night isn't for you. The rich right wing Republican robber barons rip you off using the carrot and stick method (beat you on the head with their stick then feed you carrots)to keep you slaving away, making them more money while discovering new ways to take away more of your hard earned dough. Welcome to New America!
Justice? Maybe if you have more than the corrupt corporations, otherwise, you and your family are at risk. Freedom of speech is reserved for those who say what the corpocracy wants you to hear, while dissension is a one way ticket to terrorism charges. Love our leader, or face the prospect of losing your liberty.
We have become like cattle at a kosher carniceria, hung up and bled dry until they can feast on our fetid flesh at the mortuary of miracles. Your money is not yours, but their money, well, that's just a matter of opinion.
It's a good thing that someone keeps us doped up through the water supply (notice how they always drink bottled water?), other wise there may be riots in the streets, or an awful lot of people in FEMA concentration camps.


Anonymous said...

“If I had a thing of bottled water I would hold it up and say this is why we’re not going to have a revolution, because if people will pay for water bottled in plastic they will suffer any indignity” as Derrick Jensen puts it.

Tom Harper said...

Rightwing think tanks have spent the last 40 years coming up with ways to brainwash the public. Word association, neurolinguistic programming -- you name it. And it worked.

Trillions of dollars handed to the Pentagon or a corporate conglomerate, and that's just fine; business as usual. A tiny fraction of that amount given to needy people, and it's "Welfare!" "Leeches!"

And of course "patriotism" is now synonymous with blind loyalty to the government.

libhom said...

Wow, maybe I should drink more bottled water.