Tuesday, February 03, 2009

If Electing Idiots Is Our Way Of Having A Representative Government, What Does That Say About Us?

Face it: we're fucked. When not one, not two, but three of Obama's nominees have had tax problems, it raises serious questions not only about his vetting process, of which we heard so much about after the election, but just how stupid are the American people that they elect these borderline criminals to office. It's no fucking wonder the economy's down the toilet like a big brown turd, these people can't even manage their own budgets, and we expect them to manage the country's? This is the not the kind of change I can believe in, that's for fucking sure.
So, you may ask, is there anything that could be stupider than a Democrat? Apparently, there is, they're called Republicans, and they're so fucking bright that they decided to use Joe the Plumber as a political adviser, because he was such a big help to John McCain. I'm sure if I wanted to know everything about big brown turds that won't go down the toilet, I'd give him a call, but for someone who's had tax problems of his own by that I mean, trouble paying them, he's as about useful as me (because, admittedly, I have run into tax problems as well). It's hard to fathom what kind of political retard "Joe" appeals to, but you can bet they smoke a big cigar like a dick-turd, and abuse prescription drugs more than Elvis with a Nixon-supplied DEA badge.
So there you have it:we're fucked, because we seem to vacillate between party that seems to think we can spend our way out of debt like some crazed public-financed Ponzi scheme, and another that thinks that the way to understand the nature of a banker who would spend $35,000 on a toilet is by listening to the man who installed it for him.


Tom Harper said...

This tells me the IRS should audit all politicians and all high-ranking government VIPs. We could probably balance the budget with the taxes and fines they'd be collecting.

Omnipotent Poobah said...

Yeah, but at least Joe the Plumber works cheap.

Kathy said...

I have to agree with Tom Harper. Start auditing all these politicians and throw in executives and television personalities too.