Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welfare Warfare

The talking point coming out of the McCain campaign has been centered around the success of the "Surge". "Obama opposed the surge and look how successful it has been!" or words to that effect are being tossed around by the right in an attempt to derail the inevitable. But what they're not saying is that this surge of which they speak is actually a surge of cash to insurgents, paying them money (directly from tax payer's pockets) to not shoot each other, or US troops stationed in Iraq.
What it is, is subsidized unwarfare, coming from the same people who back in the eighties opposed paying people (usually intellectually unfit) to not work. Here's an idea, maybe if we withdrew our troops, we wouldn't have to pay them anything! Because the problem is the insurgents want more money not to kill each other. They must be getting paid in dollars. This is essentially extortion, especially for the neocons, who desperately need the surge to be a success in order to trick the moronic masses into voting for the Feebster, Flip-Floppin' Flapjack Johnny McCain.
But hey, it's not the neocons money! Hell no! They got a big tax cut from Bush (that McCain wants to make permanent) on all the cash they're raking in from the rest of us who are the ones paying for the war that 72% of troops stationed there oppose. But as long as the illusion can be maintained by the war mongers (with a little assistance from the corporate media)the beer swilling television watching imbeciles will think we need to waste our money time and resources in a war that can't be won because our credit can't be extended.

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Agi said...

I'm surprised they're not asking to be paid in Euros.