Sunday, July 20, 2008

Punishment Fits The Crime!! Woo-Hoo!!!

A good thing about the religious right (should that be capitalized? no, they don't deserve it) not taking over completely is some acts they may deem illegal, still are legal. Wouldn't want to be the theocracy that Iran is, or do we?
It seems that nine activists convicted of adultery have been sentenced to being stoned. yeah! First they get to get laid, then they get to get baked, sounds like nobody's being punished at all.
Okay, really, in some twisted Shirley Jackson way, they're being sentenced to being stoned to death(woo-hoo! What a way to go! Like to see that bong dudes!)just like the the man who spoke Jehovah's name in Life Of Brian. What were you thinking? This is Iran, not Afghanistan, where opium production has reached record levels thanks in part to the US invasion and the poor direction of foreign aid (by the puppet president, installed by the religious right backed George W). Woo-hoo! We can all go back to shootin' smack!
OK, so what really is going on is more pre-war propaganda, trying to show how backwards and barbaric a country Iran is (gee, I wonder what their STD rate is?) while the Iranians are given two weeks to suspend their legal under the NPT treaty uranium enrichment or face a confrontation from the US and it's UN lackeys. It seems that the realists in the Bush administration have lost out to the neocons, who probably gained the support of Dick Cheney, who was surely having multiple orgasms everytime the price of oil rose.
None of them give a fuck about you and me, or the people in Iran, with their obviously oppressive government, it's all about kowtowing to the big oil guys, who will never have enough money as long as you still have a dime in your pocket.


Mark said...

You can write better then this; felt like this piece was something put together for a day you were going on vacation by the Lew Scannon staff.
It is too bad about those soon to be executed in a very brutal way in Iran. Too bad that no country will stand up to this bully of a nation. I just don't see the comedy in this topic. These people are going to be killed by the throwing of rocks; This for following thier natural human instincts. It is repulsive.
The opium production being up is intentional, as the USA used to once burn the fields, but now they leave them alone to apease the locals. Makes sense. It does give money to the bad guys, but a troop surge in the the Afghan region will work just as it did in Iraq, and Obama is behind it.
I think the problems in this region are not going to be solved by social/political correct do- gooders within any future time frame. Not once has Obama talked about pulling out of the Afghan region, which means he is not as stupid as many think.
It appears the liberal Obama understands the importance of the occasional use of a weapon made to kill.
Gradually withdraw from Iraq, and beef up troop strength in Afghanistan.
This guy is not showing anti-war colors early, and I only wonder how long until the anti-war groups among us will find the contradiction in their support of him.
God, its going to be a fun trip up to November.
Have a great one lew.

Mariamariacuchita said...

Lew, we are all in a bad place when the cheneyites run this world. McCain is just another hack in this theocracy they call the US.

Tom Harper said...

Adulterers being put to death -- that's a good thing isn't it? (I mean, if you're a Biblethumper.) Iran sounds like a wetdream for the Pat Robertsons and James Dobsons of our country. Why are we going to war with them?

Oh, that's right, they have a different name for that legendary omnipotent father figure who's watching over us.

Well, that settles that. Nuke 'em!

Mark said...

Anyone who would agree to let behavoir go on like the stoning of those who have sex is not worth hearing from. I think that our countries military should be used for such strange missions. Go in, stop the stoning, kill the guilty, pull out. People starving in Africa, go in, feed them, kill those who kept the food from them, pull out.
Sadam a bad ruler who is hurting the innocent, go in, kill him, pull out. The problem our country has is that we don't pull out.
Violence of action isn't a bad thing if done as the prelude to a pull out, or a money shot if you prefer. This country needs more money shots.