Monday, December 20, 2010

Why Stop At The Methodists?

As this congress session draws to a close, another congress is chomping at the bit to set their agenda based on a mandate they feel they have from all the lunatics who were crazy enough to vote for them. And just how crazy are they? Bull goose loony squared is an apt description.
Take Tea Party nation founder Judson Phillips. He wants to get rid of the Methodist Church because they preach that togetherness, and understanding peace and other hippie crap espoused by Jesus, instead of twisting his words to suit their own selfish agenda. Feed the poor? No way! Make them work two or three part time jobs instead.
Not to be outdone, Rep. Peter King has decided he wants to hold hearings on radical Muslims. Because you can never persecute them enough. I thought the Republicans were about saving the tax payer's money, but there's always room in the budget for a little fear mongering, especially with a presidential election not too far away.
Yes, it's hunting season again, and the GOP has set it's sights on finishing the job they started in 2000: getting Americans to vote against their own interests by keeping them in fear of, well, everything different. Especially those which threaten threaten the thing unique to white people.


Tom Harper said...

Damn those F$%&!#!$! Methodists! Togetherness, love, understanding??? That's a liberal interpretation of the Bible; that isn't what Jesus said. Jesus said "Fuck the poor and downtrodden, and bomb those third world countries to kingdom come and steal their oil!"

Dave Dubya said...

The Guardian Of Plutocracy want the idiots to believe they are God's Own Party. They are succeeding.

libhom said...

Peter King's bullshit is due to his desire to keep people in this country so frightened that they will support the endless wars. I wonder how much money he gets in campaign contributions from war profiteers.