Monday, December 14, 2009

The Rich Man's News Network

In their continuing war against the working class, Fox News made the pronouncement that cutting minimum wage is good for workers. How? Well, according to Fox, lower wages creates more jobs, which is good for workers, because if they're making less than $7.25 an hour, they're going to need more jobs to able survive.
It seems to me that I've heard this before. Oh, yeah, that was the same claim that was made about Nafta, about how it was going to create all these new jobs. Well, we know how that turned out. It didn't.
As the middle class evaporates so that the top ten percent of the country can have more money, our corporatist legislatures are looking for more ways to screw the working people out of what little they have. The latest plan from the working people hatin' Republicans is eliminating unemployment benefits for the victims of the corporcratic economic policies.
I think there's a pretty good chance that our current congress is out of touch. With their heel-dragging on health care reform, and now this pronouncement, I don't think a lot of them realize that there are people who don't live in gated communities, drive SUVs, or have stock portfolios. People who are a paycheck away from total destitution. Or, more probably, they know it and just don't give a fuck, since people like that can never afford to donate money to the GOP.


Tom Harper said...

Michael Steele is right. These feelgood liberal giveaway programs are well intentioned, but they only hurt the people they were supposed to help. Let's get rid of those cumbersome government regulations (minimum wage, unemployment benefits, workplace safety regulations), and then stand back and watch while millions of new jobs get created by our loyal friend, the Invisible Hand of the Marketplace.

libhom said...

This is part of why I refuse to patronize any of Rupert Murdoch's media properties.