Friday, January 23, 2009

Tumbling Dominoes

Yesterday was Whacking Day in the building where I work. No, the employees there didn't drive all the snakes into a circle and beat them to death with clubs, it was another day of corporate downsizing, another step in the spiral to the upcoming economic meltdown heading your way.
I felt bad for these people, many of them I have become close to in the years I have been working here, a some of them came to our place of business, eyes red rimmed from crying at the prospect of having to look for a job in Michigan where unemployment lines stretch out into the cold winter air. And having been in the job market myself recently, with over 10% of the state population unemployed,as well as more heading for unemployment rolls finding a new job isn't going to be easy.
They tell us right now that the US is in a recession, but we were in a recession a year ago, now we are at the start of a new depression.
The economic dominoes have been tumbling for some time now. It all began when Congress passed NAFTA, and now some of the companies that lobbied for it's passage are now lobbying congress for taxpayer money to bail their asses out. Pumping more dollars into the economy is a futile effort, although I do respect the new president's efforts, as opposed to the treasonous bastards at Fox News, who wish that Americans continue to suffer at the hands of the corpocracy.

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Tom Harper said...

I hate those whacking/downsizing days. I never got the axe myself, but it's still very nerve-wracking, wondering "am I gonna get it this time?" and feeling bad for the ones who did get it.

And from a strictly selfish standpoint -- every time an employee gets downsized, the remaining coworkers have a heavier workload to carry.