Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why Impeachment Is Off The Table

Dennis Kucinich has introduced 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush. Article 1? Creating a secret propaganda campaign to manufacture a false case for war against Iraq.
This path leads to Larry Franklin and the Office of Special Plans, inevitably to the Aipac spy scandal and prostitutes linked to Aipac and hired by Jack Abramoff in a sex-spy ring which leads to the murder of Gus Boulis and a visit to his SunCruz casino boats by devout Muslim Mohammed Atta and other alleged 9/11 hijackers.It's a mighty big can of worms, no wonder Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to open it up, by the time they got to the bottom of it, Dick Cheney would be on his fifth heart and Chelsea Clinton would be running for president.
Meanwhile, Congress can't give Israel more money fast enough...........

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