Saturday, June 14, 2008

Waiting For The Smackdown, Pudstain!

Driving home from work every afternoon, I spin around the dial looking for music to listen to on my journey. On one radio station, mixed in with the corporate "alternative" music, Pudstain spouts off his very limited worldview on issues, blaming "liberals" for every problem with the US. Lately, he has been attacking Barack Obama, never forgetting to remind listeners that his middle name is Hussein, while never even mentioning John McCain, or his faults, foibles, or follies. Well I will listen no more.
My ex turned me on to a great radio station that actually plays real alternative music. I've heard Ludo's Love Me Dead several times, but even better, real alternative dinosaurs like the Ramones, or REM doing songs from Reckoning. So now, as I try to rrelax after a long day at work, I don't have to get annoyed listening to some barely literate record spinner postulate propaganda for the corporate media, I just hear music, which is all I really need. So I posted this little screed at his blog:
Hey Pudstain!
Guess what? I found a new radio station that actually plays alternative music, and doesn't try to pass off old tired and mainstream music like Guns'N'Roses or AC/DC as "alternative". Also, their deejays are unobtrusive and don't spout their right wing echo chamber talking points over the air while simultaneously claiming there is such a thing as a "liberal" media.
I'm glad, because now I don't have to listen to your crap attacking Sen. Obama. Why aren't you praising John "Can't-tell-a-Shi'ite-from-a-Sunni" McCain? If he's so much better, why don't we hear about Grandpappy McFlip-Flop is so much better? Let's see-increased deficits due to his continued support of Bush tax cuts, which haven't strengthened the economy, but rather, weakened the dollar. That's why gas is so expensive. It's not that the "liberals" won't let us drill for oil, or build more refineries, it's because the economic policies of the GOP have destroyed the dollar, thereby driving the price of everything, not just oil. Couple that with speculators betting on oil futures and you have a recipe for high oil prices. Oh yeah, and I forgot, Bush and McCain's insane idea of attacking Iran because they fear (with no real evidence) that Iran is enriching uranium for defense purposes is also driving up oil prices as well. If we want four more years of even higher oil prices, than hey, McCain is the perfect candidate. If you want four more years of pissing money down the sinkhole that is Iraq, increasing our debt even more, then hey! McCain's your guy.
I realize it doesn't matter to you to lose one listener, especially one who's intelligent. I'm sure you'd rather have one who spouts such mindless verbiage as "America F**K YEA and thinks that you speak not for the corporate media but for the "average American".


Tom Harper said...

I'm afraid you're using too many big words for Pudstain to understand.

If there's one thing I hate even more than rightwing mouthpieces, it's bland pop music being passed off as "alternative." According to some stations, "alternative" means Hootie & the Blowfish and Sugar Ray. WTF? "Alternative" to what?

Frederick said...

Got XM and never looked back. In fact it's the only service I pay for that I believe I actually get my moneys worth.