Thursday, December 06, 2007

Neocons:Truthseekers, or Raving Paranoiacs?

By now you've all read how the NIE proves Iran suspended it's nuclear weapons program in 2003. Still that hasn't deterred the neocons who feel Iran is still a danger, in spite of the report. Even presidential hopeful Rudy Ghouliani hasn't stopped banging the war drums.
How bad do they want this war? Well, leading neocon "godfather" claims the intelligence community is trying to sabotage Bush with the NIE. John Bolton, the bastion of sanity, has called for a Congressional investigation in to anti-Bush people in the intelligence community.
Hey! I got an idea! How about instead of spending time and money trying to start a war with a country that had nothing to do with 9/11, we track down the one person we know had something to do with it. I mean, if Morgan Spurlock can find Osama Bin Laden, there's no reason the US government can't find him either. Unless they don't want to find him.


Renegade Eye said...

The nuclear weapon scenario to attack Iran is gone.

The other scenario, is claim a pathway exists where Iran is supplying arms to Iraqi militants.

Snave said...

I'm sure they will keep pushing it and pushing it and pushing it. Bunch of turds.

I agree, if our resources had been devoted to finding and capturing Osama Bin Laden instead of into wars, we would probably have caught him by now and we would have been able to actually claim "mission accomplished" and claim a major victory in the "war on terror".

I hope Morgan Spurlock DID find Osama Bin Laden, and I hope it creates an uproar.

Graeme said...

I am waiting for that Spurlock movie. What would Jesus Buy? looks good too.

Kathy said...

Bingo! Your last sentence sums it up in a nutshell: They don't want to find him.

Frederick said...

They learned with Geronimo. Can't go rampaging around a foreign country without an alibi.

pissed off patricia said...

I don't think a little thing like facts are going to slow cheney down. I just hope somebody else will tell him to chill for the next twelve months.