Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Those Damned Democrats........

.....soft on the idea of nuclear war. Who wouldn't want a nuclear war? That seems to the Republicans to be the most viable way to fight terrorism-drop nuclear weapons on Iran!
Those damned Democrats, living in the nineties, when people actually used things like diplomacy to achieve a goal, instaed of starting another war because somebody somewhere is doing something that Republican leadership doesn't like. If Iran is allowed to develop nuclear weapons (which, they insist they're not, but our government doesn't believe them because our government is populated with people who lie, therfore they don't trut other people to tell the truth) they might use them, even though any use by them (or anybody else) would be a violation of international law. But it's okay for us to use them, even though we're a bunch of duplicitous hypocrites who only want to control the world's oil supply so oil companies can gain a complete monopoly and gouge American drivers even more (watch your back, Chavez, you're next).
Those damned Democrats, who (claim to) want to end the war in Iraq, even though it means "the terrorists will follow us home", but only if you exclude the latest terror plot which only proves that killing mass civilians in Iraq hasn't dissuaded people from other countries from trying to attack us on our own soil.
Republicans have painted themselves in a corner with this whole "terrorism" thing (terrorism is what they do to us-Noam Chomsky) tying every other issue to it. Immigration bill? Depending which (lunatic) fringe of the party you're trying to appeal to, the new bill will either help terrorists, or hurt terrorists. I'm sure these guys can't even choose which tie to wear until they decide how it will hurt the terrorists (frankly, in the above picture, McCain's tie hurts me the most, so I can only imagine the devastating effects it will have on alQaeda).
Those damned Democrats don't have enough front runners either. While two or three Democrats can be considered front runners, the Republicans now have four, including that former GE employee with the hot trophy wife, who hasn't even joined the race yet.
(Of course, they don't include Ron Paul who leads this poll,even though analysts say he's really 3% higher than polls indicate)


Graeme said...

scary isn't it

sumo said...

He was cute on the debate today...Ron Paul that is. He makes lots of sense...just a few things I don't agree with...but he is a breath of fresh air!

Peacechick Mary said...

McCain's scary tie! Good one. I sure hope Americans are tired of being aggressive and attacking people. It's just crazy. Ron Paul is definitely the only one who makes any sense of that bunch.

Undeniable Liberal said...

It's funny to watch each one of these Republicunt ballgarglers try to convince everybody that THEY have the largest manly cock, without ever producing the meat.
Rather pathetic.

pissed off patricia said...

Did you hear Duncan Hunter's answer when he was asked if his party should reach out to Dems and Indeps.? His answer was, "NO" There was clapping in the audience when he said it. So that tells you a lot. No compromise with anyone, their way or nothing.

If this is the best the repubs have it tells me the party is full of crazy people.

Snave said...

It's sad how the GOP has become the party of religion and mental illness over the past 25 years. We can probably thank the late Jerry Falwell, at least in part, for making the marriage of religion and politics an acceptable thing to many Americans, and we can probably thank the resulting undue influence of fundamentalist religion on national policies, at least in part, for what has gone wrong with our foreign policy in the last 6-7 years.

UL: "ballgarglers"! Heh! I love that one.

Rolling Stone has a wonderfully biased article on Giuliani in its latest issue (the Amy Winehouse cover), and in its last issue (the Johnny Depp/Keith Richards cover) there was a good article on how pathetic the GOP presidential field looks. God bless Rolling Stone.

Also, "Hegemony or Survival" by Chomsky is a good book. The man nails it, like usual, by cutting through the Republican bullshit and describing things as they really are.

Good post, Lew! Those goddamned Democrats, why do they hate America?

Kathy said...

Did you notice how crime is up in cities across the country? The Republicans have been so busy protecting us from so-called terrorists that they've let our country go to hell. I guess that's why they called in Law & Order Thompson to help them out. Yeah, that's their version of reality.