Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Is This The End To The Iranian "Crisis"?

Today, the Iran situation took one step closer to resolution, with Iran agreeing to suspend uranium enrichment in exchange for some nuclear technology from the US. Does this mean that it's okay to the US for Iran to have nuclear technology, as long as it comes from the US? Perhaps that's what the current administration was so upset about, a chance for major party contributors to make billions being lost to Russia. But in a way, it makes sense for Iran to choose nuclear technology from the US.
Look at it this way, in the last, oh, we'll say, thirty years, the only problem the US has had with nuclear power was Three Mile Island, which, as bad is it was, looks like a skinned knee compared to the Russian's nuclear catastrophe, Chernobyl. I mean, if you are going to get in an accident, which would you rather be driving, a Hummer, or a Yugo?
So, perhaps this is a first, Iran and the US coming together for the first time since the Hostage Crisis of 1979 (if you don't include that whole Iran-Contra arms for hostages thing. We do, but the media and the government don't because they want you to forget it ever happened)to resolve their differences. Iran has stated that they will continue to price their oil in dollars, not euros, which miffed Hugo Chavez, who's looking for a way to end the "dollar's dictatorship". (Don't worry Hugo, Bush has two and a half more years in office)
Perhaps if the whole thing is settled, and the US has no reason to attack Iran (that grinding noise you hear is merely Dick Cheney, gritting his teeth), the price of oil per barrel will go down, as it has risen steadily with the increasing tensions between the two countries. Which means another quarter of record profits for the oil companies and Americans can remove that "For Sale" sign off their boats and SUVs. So Americans can hop in their vehicles, looking forward to another summer of "easy motoring" (Thank you Jim Kunstler!), and crank up their CD players and iPods to drown out those voices who still are there reminding us about peak oil.
Does this suggest a change in diplomatic strategies within the current administration? No longer threatening nations, but actually working with them to successfully resolve issues between them? If so, then we must applaud them for avoiding a catstrophe that would have made Iraq look like the invasion of Grenada. Perhaps this will continue, and all conflicts can be resolved peacefully.
Finally, what are we to think about the pre-war propaganda in the corporate media about the possible war with Iran being part of "The War On Terrorism"? Does it mean that the war in Iran was never actually part of the war on terrorism, but merely used as a convenient excuse to justify a pre-emptive strike against a sovereign nation, much the same way the war in Iraq was erroneously linked to "The War On Terrorism"? Or will another reason to attack Iran pop up, possibly right before November's elections?


Neil Shakespeare said...

Had to laugh when I read that. So now we're going to give them nuke tech? Holy jesus. Well heck! Why don't we cut them a nice deal just like Bush did for India? You might be right about the money thing. U.S. nuclear power technology is far down the scale now. The Chinese are moving to top of that heap with their "pebblebed" technology that eliminates any chance for a meltdown. U.S. companies are scrambling to beg, borrow or steal that technology. So anything they possibly sell to Iran would be out-of-date. Maybe that's what Bush is trying to do. Sell them some faulty nuke shit so they can have a nice big old fashioned meltdown and thereby nuke themselves.

mikevotes said...

I think the end to the "crisis" came when the tough talk didn't test well in the focus groups. Remember, there was about two weeks of bellicose talk after the Hersh article, gas went up, approval ratings went down, and the policy went in for retool.

The tough talk on Iran collapsed when everybody started asking, "you want another war? You can't even run the one you're in."


Lew Scannon said...

Perhaps this is Bush's way of helping Corporate America unload some obsolete equipment.
especially with the resugence of the Taliban in Afghanistan, making it two wars they can't run!

GraemeAnfinson said...

wouldn't it be nice if we halted our Nuclear weapons program so we didn't look like huge hypocrites?

Tina said...

I was chopping vegetables while Hubby perused the online news and this is what I hear: "Hey honey... it looks like Dipshit (Dubya) gave Crazy Mahmoud an ultimatum." Me, rolling eyes: "Oh yeah? What'd he do? Tell him to stop or he'd nuke 'em?" Hubby: "Naw. That would just be insane. Dipshit told him if he stops enriching uranium we'll give him a buttload of nuke technology." Me: Stunned silence. Hubby: "Why so quiet? Didja stab yourself in the jugular after hearing that?"..... sheesh... how'd he know?

Lew Scannon said...

Looking like huge hypocrites never bothered the Bush administration.
Yeah, I had to read the article a couple of times before I believed it as well.

Kathy said...

I'm not sure what the reasons are, but I'm thankful that Armageddon has been postponed - at least for now.

Anonymous said...

I think putting the kabosh on Iran's uranium enrichment efforts has very little to do with Iran itself becoming a nuclear power and more to do with it becoming broker of weapons grade bomb material. The administration is angling to prevent Iran from becoming another Pakistan - nuclear armed *and* willing to sell to others.

Granny said...

I may have received a comment from your alter ego today. Are you acquainted with Glenda, the good witch?

Tell her thanks for the comment from me and Worried American.

Lily said...

As susual i am with Mikevotes!

Thats how it is.

Lily said...

...as usual I can't type...tired. eek.

Sorry Lew! Sorry to keep it brief. I caved and took some allergy medicine.