Friday, June 30, 2006

Driving Across America

(This weekend, while most of the country is traveling, most likely stuck in a traffic jam, I thought I'd repost this little gem in honor of, well, driving across America)

We cut down trees and we plow down hills
To increase our motor skills
We're driving across America

Refineries can't match the pace
As we fill the space between each place
We're driving across America

Someday my friend
This all will end
And it will never be here again

We've all been spoiled by the cheap oil
We sucked it dry beneath the soil
We're driving across American

There is no way we will be saved
The whole country has been paved
We're driving across America

Someday my friend
This all will end
And they will never be here again

One thought prevails as we hit the trails
We'd rather move like snails than ride the rails
We're driving across America

(c)2005 KD Murphy
Thanks to James Howard Kunstler for inspiration


Lily said...

Excellent post Lew!
Think about Americans vs. Europeans in terms of the sheer willingness to give up a tiny bit of control for a greater good. Think about the mass transit and bike travel and better health... then think about how we can't even get out of our cars to eat in America. I have no explanation for how we 've become this desperate and pathetic... I think of all that this 'indoor' generation is missing. Perhaps its like violence, the less people experience the environment, the less they are conscious, the way we don't think of war because the truth is hidden by propaganda... maybe the trees are hidden by towering wal-marts...
I firmly believe that shoving their little behinds outside once in a while is one thing we can do on a personal level... let them actually walk, breathe the air, smell the season...

Lily said...

Yeah Kunstler IS an inspiration! Great repost Lew!

Sad, the state of things.

Granny said...

I can remember being able to distinguish between one state and another.

Not so much anymore and it's a shame.

Peacechick Mary said...

I love to travel by car so I can see and experience the land; stop and meet people. Things have changed so much that this place, looks like that place; everything is franchised, cookie cutter style. Love your poem.

glenda said...

Hey, Lew!
This post was new to me...thanks!

Will you join us in a Post for Peace on July 4? Details at my site. All are encouraged to join...the top 2 posts have information.
Thanks, Glenda

Anonymous said...

I came across this blogspot while searching for whether it was possible to hitch hike the railroads across America.

Now onto reading some of your other posts because I liked this one.