Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pretty Ladies Selling The Lie

Yesterday was the ninth anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11, and while there were a number events to commemorate that day, and to honor those who lost their lives so that the Corporate Idiocracy could engage in endless wars to secure it's energy needs until the world runs out of oil, none were more obviously selling the cover story than Michelle Obama and Laura Bush honoring the 'heroes' of Flight 93.
The official story is that passengers on that fateful flight overtook their MossadBlack OpsArabIraqi?Al Qaeda! hijackers and forced them to crash into a field in Pennsylvania. But not according to Donald Rumsfeld who stated that Flight 93 was shot down by US fighter jets, which is supported by an examination of the crash site.
Now I'm not suggesting their either of the First Ladies know anything about this, or were anyway involved in a cover-up. I'm just cynical about anything that concerns the 'official' conspiracy of 9/11.
But not that I expect anyone else to be cynical. If you think that an administration that was dishonest in Florida in 2000,and lied about Iraq's WMD is being honest to you about the events of 9/11, I understand. If you think a steel frame building can be brought down by mere kerosene( the most of which burned off in the initial explosion following the crash), good for you! Just don't expect me to go all rubbery when ever some one chokes out 'hero' in a story that basic facts do not support. No matter which side of the corporate idiocracy you bring out to sell it to me.


Tom Harper said...

I didn't know that, that Flight 93 was shot down, or that Rumsfeld said it. The fact that NORAD didn't shoot down the other 3 airliners has always been a red flag for me, an indication that the attacks were an inside job.

libhom said...

The explanation for the collapse of the Twin Towers that I saw, which was from a few months after 911, was that it was a combination of structural damage from the impacts of the planes, damage from the fire, and the unusual design of the building combined caused the collapse. If any of those factors were absent, the buildings would have stood. (A regular skyscraper design would have required so many steel reinforcing beams that the offices would have been tiny.)

I'm not sure what happened on 911, and I really want an independent investigation with teeth. I just thought you should the updated version of the official explanation.