Sunday, April 05, 2009

Anything That Worries Newt Gingrich Is A Good Thing

This morning, I caught a glimpse of Newt Gingrich on Fox News, attempting to usurp Rush Limbaugh as the de facto GOP leader, talking about how disappointed he was that we weren't calling it 'the War On terror' anymore. I saw only about thirty seconds before I made the kids plug in their X Box. When the US is the one killing women and children we can hardly be labeling it as a war on terror when we are as bad as the terrorists themselves. The core democratic value of 'innocent until proven guilty' isn't being met when we kill only 'suspects' with out a fair trial, such as we are constitutionally guaranteed ourselves.
Why we are fighting in Afghanistan is a matter open for debate as well, since it was thermite and not jet fuel that caused the twin towers to collapse. Oh come on, I hear you say, the US wouldn't cover up it's role in the worst terrorist attack on it's own people any more than it would cover up bankster fraud or it's role in the drug trade. Is it only a coincidence that in places like Somaliaand Afghanistan, places involved with oil and oil distribution do American al Qaeda members like Adam Pearlman Gadahn surface?
The American Idiocracy is more self-involved, unaware of what their government is up to because they're too busy getting drunk and watching college sport play-offs while being subjected to mind numbing advertisements for alcohol products and foods laced with mood altering and mind numbing flavor enhancers. Someday, they may wake up and realize all the evil being done in their name.
Which has Ol' Newtered worried. Someday, there may be a third party to challenge the corpocracy's two party stranglehold on the US political system. This threatens Newt's cushy position as a paid pontificator and think tank traveler and may force him to do more than write bad alternate history screeds.


Tom Harper said...

I'd love to see the Republican Party break up into two parties. But they've been threatening this for years and years. I don't think it'll happen.

As far as 9/11 goes, there's a rumor that Hunter Thompson didn't commit suicide; he was "suicided" by government thugs because he was doing research on the inside story of 9/11 and he was getting too close to the truth.

Lew Scannon said...

I think the intelligent wing of the wing nuts should separate themselves from the Palin nuts, I mean what good is grasping for power when you're forced to cheer every monosyllabic word uttered by Sam Wurzelbacher?
I did not hear the Thompson story, but it doesn't surprise me.

Dusty said...

Wow, you hit all the goodies Lew, I don't know where to start...

I agree with Tom, that breaking down the Rethugs into two parties would be a good thing. It would marginalize those fucking bible-thumpers that think all morality can be legislated. would make the Dem's either shit or get off the friggin pot. ;)
Thanks for visting Sirens Chronicles Lew, I really appreciate it.

libhom said...

If Newt really does run for president, we should remind people that he served divorce papers on his then wife when she was in the hospital for cancer.