Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Suffering Of The Bushes

On Wednesday's Today show, Laura Bush stated that "No one suffers more than their president and I do", when it comes to Iraq. Certainly the people of Iraq aren't suffering. The 15 people who died and 25 who were injured when a suicide bomber blew up a police checkpoint today, they aren't suffering. The families of the eleven US troops that died on Monday aren't suffering, having lost loved ones for a war that has no obtainable mission (Why are we there this week? Al Qaeda? WMD? Links to 9/11? democracy?)
I'm sure , other than in the polls where Bush numbers are low, and Cheney's even lower, Bush hasn't really had to suffer at all. Sure, he's had to actualy meet with vetted crowds to try to sell the war again, causing to have to suffer the humiliation of flying in Air Force One, ride in limousines, and shake people's hands, hard work for someone who calls the greatest accomplishment of his presidency catching a seven pound fish on a stocked lake on his private ranch. I'm sure he suffers no pangs of conscience, because he has shown himself to be part of a group of sociopathic criminals who have no conscience.
It's been almost four years since Bush declared our mission in Iraq "accomplished", yet we keep sending more troops there to finish what should have never been started in the first place. And as more and more troops are slaughtered, how long will it be until the idiots of the world realize they can never be accomplished because for an army to win, they must believe they have the moral law on their side. Our invasion and ongoing occupation is a clear violation of international, so we are not on the side of right. And since the claims made by the ADDministration as to why we went there all turned out to be lies, the only reason we went there was to secure the oil for Big Oil, and enrich the defense contractors, who have seen their top CEO pay double in the last four years (at taxpayer expense).
So if Laura and George want to play the vicitms in this whole mess, there's one way to fulfill their martyr complex.................


PoliShifter said...

It really made me sick when I heard Laura Bush say that.

It really demonstrates how detatched from reality the Bush's really are.

The ones suffering are the Iraqi family members who have to sort through piles of torsos, piles of heads, and piles of arms and legs to try and find identifying markers of loved ones blown to smithereens.

The ones suffering are the soldier's families who have watched their husbands, sons, daughers, mothers be sent back to Iraq time and time again, many with the eerie feeling (after a third tour) that they won't be coming back.

Sooner or later the odds will catch up with you.

Prove to me you are suffering Laura.

How can one suffer when you have maid servants, your meals are prepared for you day in and day out, you have money coming out your ass, and you live in the fucking White House.

It was really a pathetic statement for her to make.

Graeme said...

It reminds me of the comment Bush's mother made about people from New Orleans. These people are so out of touch with us common folk, it is unbelievable.

sumo said...

They aren't in touch with anything at all.

azgoddess said...

love that picture....

and i stopped listening to baby bush and family speak a long time ago...i mute the tv - grin -- and speaking of viewing -- did anyone notice when baby bush stopped dying his hair? is he supposed to get our sympathy by looking old?? NOT!!!

Anonymous said...

Only someone who is completely isolated from the consequences of their actions and completely deluded about their popularity could say something that nonsensical.

Peacechick Mary said...

What is really sad is that Laura and the entire Bush family actually BELIEVE they are the victims. That definitely falls into the category of insanity. This is an excellent post and it says the perfect solution: IMPEACH!