Saturday, March 03, 2007

If I Were These People, I'd Start Looking For A New School

President Bush today visited Enterprise High School which was devastated by tornadoes. Eight students died when it was hit, while a hundred got alive, which Bush touted as a miracle. No, you stupid fuckhead, a miracle is when God makes the impossible possible, such as Jesus walking on water or turning water into wine, or when the American people get a swift response from this president when a tragedy occurs. What has happened here was merely a run on good fortune.
"These are very tough times for the people here," Bush said. "Out of this rubble will emerge a better tomorrow."

Meanwhile New Orleans is still having problems 17 months after the devastation of Hurricane katrina getting their city rebuilt. Says Bush:" Hey I sent you people a check. What else do you want me to do? There's a war on that has distracted my short attention for the most part of my presidency." (No, he really didn't say that, although he surely thought it.)
Bush also put out a call to volunteers to help Enterprise rebuild, which means that the government can dump more cash down the sinkhole that is the war in Iraq:

"The best help they can get is when a citizen comes and builds them a house."

No, the best help people can get is from a responsive government that hasn't privatized services to the lowest bidder who then cuts corners to reap a bigger profit. Look how well that worked over at Walter Reed.
And so you have what will be the legacy of the Bush administration, a White House more obsessed with global hegemony than in actually helping out the taxpayers who fund these wars for global conquest.


GraemeAnfinson said...

this man has fucked up the Middle East and let our own citizens die in the Gulf coast. i taped that Spike Lee HBO film "when the levees broke" and I am finally getting around to watching it. it is fucking pissing me off. there is no reason why the feds couldn't have been in there right away. they don't care about poor people. especially poor people of color. it is sick

pissed off patricia said...

Bush's legacy will be that he turned his back on tragic situations as quickly as possible.

You are absolutely right. I heard his half hearted, "heavy heart" speech and what I heard was, you folks get together and clean this mess up. We the govt. will toss money at it and that should fix everything.

Frederick said...

Why? Why wont Reverand Farwell tell us the sins these people committed to have god smite them?

Anonymous said...

Eight students died when it was hit, while a hundred got alive, which Bush touted as a miracle.

Apparently Mr. Bush thinks that any of us getting out this mess alive is a "miracle". Typical revelationist.

Kathy said...

Did you hear Bush ask the American public to send donations to the tornado stricken area? He's probably hoping the public will send enough to leave him off the hook and that way he'll have more to spend on that so called war in Iraq.

sumo said...

Boatloads of money showed up for not only the Tsunami victims...but Katrina too...and where did all that money get them? Or better still...I wonder where all that money really went. It still boggles my mind of all the trailers left unused that the Gubment was paying for. If something goes wrong...look elsewhere for help.

azgoddess said...

it's time to take the monies away from the feds and put it back into the states hands...i bet neighboring states are helping out now...

oh and about NOLA -- check this out: