Friday, May 12, 2006

Americans Lose More Freedom In the War On Terrorism

According to a recent ABC news poll, 63% approve of the recent revelations of the NSA monitoring all calls made in the USA. If it helps with the war on terror. Which leads me to the question: are we still fighting the war on terror? I mean, the Taliban has had a resurgence in Afghanistan, but all our resources are being spent in Iraq. Iraq has nothing to do with the war on terror, we are fighting an insurgency that has a right under international law to repel an occupation force. Those aren't terrorists, they're freedom fighters.
Then of course, there's our plans to attack Iran, another country that had nothing to do with 9/11. Iran has no plans to attack us, and is willing to work out a diplomatic solution. Of course, for the current adminbistration diplomacy is another word for bullying, just like qualified is another word for incompetent. So, as you can see, we're not really fighting a war on terrorists.
But even if we are, how is monitoring Americans phone calls helping with this so-called war? Listening to me talk to my kids at my ex's isn't fighting terrorists, in fact, it's taking manpower and resources away from fighting the terrorists. Not to mention wasting tax payer money. And violating the Constitution.
In the almost five years since 9/11, there really shouldn't be any terrorists left in this country. Maybe all the effort spent monitoring citizens phone calls would be better spent securing our borders, of course, then Mexicans couldn't enter illegally and flood the job market and drive down wages either, better to sacrifice security than pay Americans a living wage. And since prior NSA spying has been on Quakers and vegans, who else are they spying on under the guise of fighting terrorism?
One of the (supposed) freedoms that our soldiers are fighting for (well, not really) is the freedom from government intrusion into our personal and private lives. It was one of the things that made us better than the Communists in Russia. Now 63% of Americans are willing to throw away that freedom because nineteen men armed with box cutters were able to penetrate the most protected airspace on the planet, if it makes them feel more secure. But we're really not secure as much as we're turning the country into a prison. And Osama and Zarqawi walk around free. Is this any way to fight terrorists?


That Damned Jezebel said...

Well always when money is spent on one thing, it is a missed chance to spend it elsewhere but people rarely look at it that way.

Congrats on your year of bloggery!

Omnipotent Poobah said...

I'm afraid we've become a nation of easily-cowed, scaredy cats who are letting terrorists win by doing exactly what the terrorists want - change our way of life.

It's sad...very sad.

dusty said...

I just left omni's, I am not stalking him i swear:P

I thought at first..bfd on this new wrinkle..then I thought about it alot last nite and changed 180 out. Its wrong and its hosed up and those rat bastards better give me back my rights, I never gave them up willingly..ever.I like to bitch and rail at the right..and they always give me a good reason to.I did it less than a week after 9-11 when I got hauled off a plane because my ticket was one-way. And after my mug was all over the news last night here because I ranted and railed in front of my congress reps office..I am a tad you blame me?

Granny said...

omni etc. said it

They win by default.

A year? Nice going.